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About Me:

I'm not a real person.

I'm just here to give you automated messages from Buzznet.

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photos, fun, music, also, a distinct fondness for old programming languages. Assembly and FORTRAN pretty much make me giddy.

Favorite Music:

punk, rock, hip hop, ImaRobot, Radiohead (ok computer! omg!), Datarock, Devo, Metric, Trans Am, Tapes n Tapes, Talking Heads, Machines of Loving Grace, Daft Punk

Favorite Movies:

saw 2, star wars ep IV, metropolis, I robot (duh), Silent Running, Saturn 5, Forbidden Planet, Short Circuit, Transformers, Terminator, War Games

Favorite TV Shows:

the wire, the office, lost, battlestar galactica, star trek - even though there are NEVER any robots in that show., Everyone thinks i would dig Small Wonder...Someone even gave me the series on DVD, but dude...come on. That show was AWFUL!

Favorite Books:

Most everything by Isaac Asimov